Conqueror off-road Camping trailers have been safari and outback tested for over 25 years in the harsh and unforgiving environments of Africa and Australia.



The untouched, pristine campsite on the other side of the river or just over the next mountain are now within reach with a Conqueror off-road Camping trailer. Anywhere your vehicle can go, your conqueror trailer will effortlessly follow. Modern day conveniences coupled with a proven track record of surviving the harsh African and Australian environments qualify the Conqueror trailer to be your (UEV) Urban Escape Vehicle.

You are willing to spend your hard earned money on quality products even though they may demand a premium price.  We get it. You want the best! We invite you to do a thorough comparison between a Conqueror Trailer and the competition.  You will find that when you compare, feature for feature, the Conqueror Trailer is the highest quality choice in every metric.

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